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Introducing Resolution Round Up

  • Make change in 2020 with Resolution Round Up
    Make change in 2020 with Resolution Round Up

    We hope you've had a happy New Year! As we focus on resolutions and goals for 2020, the Boys and Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty is excited to announce a new, effortless way to support the Club! Simply round up your coffee, gas, groceries and other purchases to make a lasting change in the lives of youth!

How does it work?
You enter your card and banking information, you set your maximum round-up potential, and you're all set! The rest is done for you. On your monthly statement, you will see a total round up purchase amount. You will only be charged once a month for all of your round up purchases during that billing cycle.

Is it safe?
Absolutely! You are in control of how much can come out. You can start or stop round up services at any time. A third party, Harness, is used to collect your information and make these transactions possible. You can read more about their privacy policy here

Can pocket change really make a difference?
Little things like your pennies add up to big things, like dollars, that are used to provide supplies like paint, chrome books, pencils, backpacks, transportation and quality staffing to the youth in our community every single day. Your coffee may be $3.50, but round it up and that's 50 cents for great futures - effortlessly!

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