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Executive Staff

  • Founder and CEO - Patti Alderson
    Founder and CEO - Patti Alderson

    A long-time resident of West Chester/Liberty, Patti has been instrumental in developing the philanthropic arm of the community. Patti led the effort to open the original Club in 2014, and with the support of Lakota Schools and many generous people who saw the need for a larger facility, Patti was able to raise the funds and open the doors to the current Club facility on January 4, 2018. She loves being at the Club and says just being with the kids makes it all worthwhile.

  • Club Director - Caleb Redslob
    Club Director - Caleb Redslob

    With a B.A. in Graphic Design, Mr. C believes in the value of empathy and the power of roleplay, and encourages kids to explore the world through both visual and performing arts. Mr. C finds inspiration in the infinite imagination of children, and wants every day at the Club to feel like an adventure. This proud nerd thrives on a little controlled chaos.

  • Director of Impact - Lauren Elllis
    Director of Impact - Lauren Elllis

    With an impressive track record of professional childcare and international missions, it’s easy to see why her heart for humanity found a home with BGCWCL. She sees potential in all, both big and small. Though not in her official job description, Lauren is our resident calligrapher and coffee connoisseur.

  • Program Director, Teens - Jessica Wall
    Program Director, Teens - Jessica Wall

    Jessica graduated from the University of Cincinnati with degrees in Marketing and International Business. During her time at UC, she studied abroad in Toronto, London, Ecuador, Guatemala, and South Africa completing a mix of service-learning and business projects. Jessica brings her experiences into The Club by implementing programs including, but not limited to Keystone and Youth of the Year, two leadership and community service programs.

  • Program Director, Elementary - Kyle Pendleton
    Program Director, Elementary - Kyle Pendleton

    Kyle's interdisciplinary Bachelor's Degree represents the diverse skill set he brings to the team. Beginning as a volunteer in 2018, he quickly fell in love with the Club’s mission and its members. He has created progressive programs in all areas from leadership to healthy lifestyles and has led them with great heart. Kyle values his faith above all else, and his passion for youth development is matched only by his love for The Office and Star Wars.

  • Director of Membership - Curtricia Brown
    Director of Membership - Curtricia Brown

    With a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Education, even that couldn’t keep Miss Cici from her true passion - children! Her interest for helping children succeed started quite some time ago. Miss Cici has a smile that brightens up a room and a genuine heart for our children. The children flood her with love. She’s even known as the “mom” of the Club. Miss Cici truly enjoys being the Club Manager and looking after all of our members!

  • Fund Development - Kathy Cook
    Fund Development - Kathy Cook

    Kathy and her family are long time residents of Liberty Township. Kathy's passion has been working with Lakota and local non profits that seek to nurture, educate and help our youth reach their fullest potential. Kathy appreciates the need for funding and has always utilized her talents and passion to ensure that these non profits can continue with their missions. She looks forward to putting her energies into The Boys and Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty!

  • Academic Coordinator- Yiren Xiao
    Academic Coordinator- Yiren Xiao

    Ms. Yiren graduated from University of Kentucky with an honorary Degree in Master of Clinical Social Work, a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and two minors. Belief that healthy and positive intervention at an individual's early stage of life is the crucial key to being successful in one’s adult life. Person-centered and relationship-based care are Ms. Yiren's driving forces contributing to how she serves youth to reach their full capability of becoming an empowered, eager to learn, and accountable citizen within the community.

Executive Staff Contact Info

Founder and CEO Patti Alderson
Club Director Caleb Redslob
Director of Impact Lauren Elllis
Program Director, Teens Jessica Wall
Program Director, Elementary Kyle Pendleton
Director of Membership Curtricia Brown
Fund Development Kathy Cook
Academic Coordinator Yiren Xiao
Rental Coordinator Caley Murphy

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