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Executive Staff

  • Chief Executive Officer - Patti Alderson
    Chief Executive Officer - Patti Alderson

    A long-time resident of West Chester/Liberty, Patti has been instrumental in developing the philanthropic arm of the community. Patti led the effort to open the original Club in 2014, and with the support of Lakota Schools and many generous people who saw the need for a larger facility, Patti was able to raise the funds and open the doors to the current Club facility on January 4, 2018. She loves being at the Club and says just being with the kids makes it all worthwhile. “Our kids are amazing!”

  • President - Dale Kozma
    President - Dale Kozma

    Dale has nearly two decades of experience in marketing and communications, including client and community relations for PNC Bank and marketing and sponsorship development for LPGA and PGA Tour events. She believes that opening the door of hope and opportunity to others is the greatest gift that we can share. A native of southwestern Virginia, she brings a little bit of that southern hospitality to each person she meets.

  • VP of Operations - Emily Hardy
    VP of Operations - Emily Hardy

    Combining a degree in elementary education from Xavier with over fifteen years of working with youth, Emily inspires confidence in Club members with programs that promote health and happiness. If you hear singing coming from the office, there's a good chance it's coming from the VP of Operations’ office. Though she loves to use her voice, her passion is helping Club members find their own.

  • Director of Impact - Lauren Elllis
    Director of Impact - Lauren Elllis

    With an impressive track record of professional childcare and international missions, it’s easy to see why her heart for humanity found a home with BGCWCL. She sees potential in all, both big and small. Though not in her official job description, Lauren is our resident calligrapher and coffee connoisseur.

  • Arts Specialist - Caleb Redslob
    Arts Specialist - Caleb Redslob

    With a B.A. in Graphic Design, Mr. C believes in the value of empathy and the power of roleplay, and encourages kids to explore the world through both visual and performing arts. Mr. C finds inspiration in the infinite imagination of children, and wants every day at the Club to feel like an adventure. This proud nerd thrives on a little controlled chaos.

  • Academic Success Coordinator - Andrew Lemcke
    Academic Success Coordinator - Andrew Lemcke

    Andrew started college with an Early Childhood major, but later changed his focus to the Culinary world and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in St. Louis, MO. He later decided to make the move back to his first passion, Early Childhood Education. Andrew started at B&GC of Wayne County, Indiana, and after he decided to move to the Cincinnati area, it was our good fortune to welcome him aboard at our Club! Andrew’s goal is to strive to be the adult influence that he needed when he was young.

  • Elementary Program Coordinator - Kyle Pendleton
    Elementary Program Coordinator - Kyle Pendleton

    Kyle prides himself on his love of family and faith. One summer, while volunteering with his church group, he fell in love with the club’s mission and members and joined the team. With intention and excellence in mind, he has created progressive programs in all areas from leadership to healthy lifestyles and has led them with great heart. Kyle’s passion for youth development is matched only by his passion for The Office quotes and Star Wars.

  • Teen Program Coordinator - Jessica Wall
    Teen Program Coordinator - Jessica Wall

    With degrees in Marketing and International Business, Jessica was drawn to the club for her love of non-profits. She has a long track record of volunteerism and is passionate about helping youth use their voice, better their communities, and plan for their futures. Jessica roots herself in compassion with a hint of competition and dives into community service with as much passion as she owns the dance floor on salsa nights.

  • Club Manager - Curtricia Burrell
    Club Manager - Curtricia Burrell

    With a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Education, even that couldn’t keep Miss Cici from her true passion - children! Her interest for helping children succeed started quite some time ago. Miss Cici has a smile that brightens up a room and a genuine heart for our children. The children flood her with love. She’s even known as the “mom” of the Club. Miss Cici truly enjoys being the Club Manager and looking after all of our members!

  • Volunteer Coordinator - Ronda Bruce
    Volunteer Coordinator - Ronda Bruce

    Ronda’s talents are a perfect fit for our volunteer program. She has spent many years as an active parent volunteer at Lakota East, supporting her children through the athletic boosters and the overall Lakota community. She is working closely with our staff to identify new opportunities for volunteer placement and out in the community to recruit lots of awesome people that believe in our mission and that are willing to share their time and talents to benefit our members!

Executive Staff Contact Info

Chief Executive Officer Patti Alderson
President Dale Kozma
VP of Operations Emily Hardy
Director of Impact Lauren Elllis
Arts Specialist Caleb Redslob
Academic Success Coordinator Andrew Lemcke
Elementary Program Coordinator Kyle Pendleton
Teen Program Coordinator Jessica Wall
Club Manager Curtricia Burrell
Volunteer Coordinator Ronda Bruce

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